some more drawings from my instagram.

i’m gonna try to keep this blog updated on a more regular basis, even if it’s just with little sketches/doodles.

Posted on Jun 19

I drew these three separately in the days before the second season was released with the intention of making all the inmates and possibly selling them as stickers, but I never got around to making more than these three.

some drawings from my instagram @toyboxshark

Posted on Jun 01
Holy shite, thank you for designing a shirt just for Felix Friday! You are awesome! I wish I could give you a hug, for real!

haha it wasn’t any problem at all! I love Felix! He’s my favorite and when I heard about the “Felix Friday” thing I had to draw fan art for it - and, hey, why not make it available as a shirt for people?

I’m glad you like it!


In honor of tomorrow, which has apparently been deemed “Felix Dawkins Appreciation Day”, I designed a shirt - which you can now buy through Society6!

some progress shots of deadpool shoes i did for my friend’s boyfriend near the middle of last year. i definitely regret that i didn’t take more pictures of them finished before i handed them off to her.

Posted on May 21

aaannddd some monsters university shoes i made for myself around the same time i completed the deadpool ones for my friend

A boy’s best friend is his mother.

a sort of rushed mother’s day picture!? i..don’t remember where the floral pattern is from just that it took me forever to find. ;; i’m going to try and finish a watchmen thing I sketched earlier today too before it…stops being mother’s day, but with the time it is now that’s looking like a lost cause.